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Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, General Meeting Tuesday, May 16 , 7:30pm, Star*Quest Observatory,
1730 S. Webster Rd, New Haven, IN 46774
Program: Building a Suitcase Telescope, by Greg Jacobs, Phil Hudson, Jim Brudi, Larry Clifford, Milal Pulsel.
A Star*Quest and TekVenture Project
June Night Sky: Saturn is creeping into the evening sky low in the South East around 10pm. On the 9th it will be to the
right of the rising full moon. A telescope of only 30 power will showSaturn's rings. Jupiter with its 4 moons is the bright thing in the
S South West, and the same 30 power telescope till show you Jupiter's 4 Galilean Moons. Venus rises about morning
twilight in the East. If it is a clear on a Saturday night, ask the Observatory Operator to show you M3 and M5, two globular
clusters that the big observatory telescope really shows well. Full "Micro" Moon is the 9th. New Moon is June 23rd.