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Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, General Meeting Tuesday,
January 17, 7:30pm, Georgetown Library, 6600 East State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Presentation: "Oberving the Moon, September 11, 2016, Three Craters, One Question, Three Lives" by Laura Ainsli.
January Night Sky: The Moon is in first quarter the 5th. The name quarter moon, even though it's really a "half-moon" shape,
refers to the fact that, starting from new moon, our natural satellite has now completed the first quarter of its orbital
journey around Earth. The evening of Thursday, Jan 12th, Venus will reach its widest separation east of the Sun and will
reach its highest point in the SW night sky. As a bonus, Venus will also be located less than 23 arc-minutes to the upper
right of Neptune, in same field of a small telescope. Jan. 24 pre-dawn – Old Moon meets Saturn. 12th - Full Wolf Moon.