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Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, General Meeting Tuesday,
June 21 , 7:30pm, Tecumseh Public Library, 1411 East State Blvd, 46805
This program will be a "Show and Tell," by members and guests. Bring along your astronomical invention, gizmo, favorite app, book, web site, item.
July Night Sky: Throughout July you can find three easy-to-spot planets adorning the evening sky. Soon after the Sun sets,
look for Jupiter shining brightly well up in the Southwest. NASA spacecraft called Juno has finally reached Jupiter and is going
into orbit around it. In the South is very obvious Mars. The Red Planet is very obvious, yet it's only half as bright now as it was
in late May. To the left of Mars are two obvious stars. The brighter one, on top, is Saturn, and the one below is the star,
Antares. New moon the 4th. Full moon the 19th.