Welcome. Below are about 15 recent photos taken by members of the MOO group. (Mt. Ossian Observatory)
The group shares in techniques and procedures in imaging the day and night sky.
More image information can be had by e-mailing the individual authors.
Comments and corrections are welcome.
-Phil Hudson e-mail

Below are MOO individual web sites for more images.

Gedas Vysniauskas | Phil Hudson | Kenny Zook |  David Thackeray | Dave Wilkins

NGC 7479, AT115EDT f/7, 805 FL, SXVR/M25C, Left 15 x 300 sec, Right: 25 x 240 sec Bill Needham

9/10/2017 Lunt LS60, best 50 of 500 , 3X mag David Thackeray

9/4/2017, Asteroid Florence 3122, 01:37 ESDT, 15 x 30sec, 800mm, Bill Needham

9/3/2017, Asteroid Florence 3122, 22:30 ESDT, 15 x 30sec, 800mm, Bill Needham

9/2/2017, Sunspots in Ha, Gabriel Almonte

9/1/2017, Sharpcap Capture, Ha, Autostakert II, Registax Wavelets, PhotoShop CC Processing, David Thackeray

8/21/2017/ Eclipse David Thackeray

8/21/2017, Solar Eclipse Series Gene Stringer

8/21/2017, Eclipse Dave Wilkins

8/21/2017, Eclipse Gedas Vysniauskas

8/21/2017, Eclipse Manny Seagull


8/25/2017, NGC 6960 Veil Nebula, Celestron 9.25 f/3.2, 10 x 3 min, Bill Needham

8/1/2017, Bubble Nebula and M52, SV 105T, ATIK 383L, MONO, LRGB Ha, 5 hours, David Thackeray

7/30/2017, Sadr Region, Canon 5D2, 200mm f/2.8, ISO 1600, 90 sec x 45, 30 flats, 50 darks, unguided, Gedas Vysniauskas

7/30/2017, NGC 7000 North American, camera: SX25C, 250mm Canon Lens, 20 x 2 min, Bill Needham