GENERAL MEETING, public welcome

Tuesday Evening, October 17, 7:30 PM
Star*Quest Observatory
Jefferson Township Park
1730 S Webster Rd
New Haven, IN 46774

Star-Hoping to Another 13 Targets
and More of Why Bother
by: Dick Evens

Dick Evans, a member of the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society since the 1970 transit of Mercury, will present " old fashioned" star-hopping methods to find 13 Fall and Winter night sky targets. Most, but not all, are fairly easy telescope or binocular objects.

The "Why Bother part, is where Dick does your home work and provides fascinating information that will give you new appreciations on what you are actually observing.

Dick can be found sometimes at the Star*Quest Observatory on Public Clear Saturday Nights, using a laser pointer out-lining the major constellations and locations of deep sky objects; open clusters, globular clusters, planetary nebula, galaxies, and double stars.

Come see for yourself.

General Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, 7:30pm. Check our web site for location.

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